Exploring the Wild Coast

Port St Johns has many activities to offer guests who visit the area and surrounds.

From beautiful beaches to Bird watching for bird lovers.

It has many aspects to provide entertainment for all avid travellers.

When you visit some of these should be on your list of thins to do.


Photographer Unknown


Photographer Unknown

Rock & Surf Angling

Most know that Port St Johns and surrounds is a hotspot for Fishermen.

There are many spots to go which are great for all Surf and Rock Angling fishermen.

To name a few:    Brazenhead, Poenskop, Mpande, the Gap and Shark Point.

These are all 1 to 2 hours drive away from us and require a 2x4 or 4x4 Vehicle.

             Hiking Trails

We have many hiking trails in and around Port St Johns. Many will know about the Bulolo Waterfall Hike and Eagles Nest Hike.

There is also the hike up Mount Sullivan. The mountain on the northern bank of the Umzimvubu River. It is an arduous hike on even the most experienced hikers.

There has also been the introduction of the Port St Johns to Coffee Bay Hike which affords you the experience of staying over at various points with the Local Xhosa people at their villages.

Local Tour Guides are available for more details on all of these hikes.


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Courtesy of Rob Nettleton

Photo courtesy of R Nettleton

Dolphin / Whale Watching

​These marine mammals can be seen all year round, but are best seen though the months of June and July, during the annual sardine run. Often playing in the surf at Second Beach, Common Dolphin and Bottle Nose Dolphin are most often spotted. Rare sightings of the Heavy Side Dolphin and Risso's Solphin happen deep out at sea, during the Sardine Run.

Bird Watching

​Over 250 species have been identified 

(including the rare Cape Parrot). 

Many spots provide excellent bird watching. Over 40 species of birds have been identified at Umzimvubu Retreat alone, including the rare Cape Parrot

Many other spots provide excellent bird watching like the forests, the bass dam for water birds, First Beach for seagulls, fish eagles and other birds.

There are a number of Bird Books available in the dining room for guests staying at Umzimvubu Retreat to browse through, or ask your hosts for more information.

Ocean Bird Rob Nettleton

Photo courtesy of R Nettleton

Golf Club

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Golf Course

The Port St Johns Golf Course lies in a natural amphitheater formed by formed by densely forested sand dunes only 150 meters from where the mighty Umzimvubu River meets the Indian Ocean between the majestic Mount Sullivan and Mount Thesiger. Separating the course from sea and river is a sand bank on which the ruins of the once great Cape Hermes Hotel are situated. All round the Port St Johns Golf Club is a wonderful place to play a game of golf in beautiful surroundings, with birds serenading you and the sound of the waves lulling you into a tranquil state. For peace, quiet and soul satisfying views, come and join us.


There are many estuaries and rivers which offer great adventure. The Umzimvubu River offers about 20km flat water, but can be dangerous during bad weather.   Canoe rental is available, or bring your own canoe and have a day out in nature.  Another popular river to go canoeing is the Ntafufu.


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